Drunken Figs

These have to be the happiest figs in the world!  And in a month, I will be the happiest Chica when I serve these!

Regardless of how many recipes I use with fresh figs, I always like to prepare a batch of drunken figs!  Stuffed with a walnut and soaked in brandy with a touch of lemon these little babies become succulent jewels of joy.  It’s best to give them about a month of soaking to be ready for late October or if I’m able to hold off, for Thanksgiving.   Served as an appetizer, I pare them with cheese, assorted nuts and bread.  For dessert, served with small bites of dark chocolate or on the side with a classic cheesecake.

There’s really not much of a recipe to speak of.  I take the figs, washed and dried well and make a small cut in the bottom of each one.  Next I insert a small chunk of walnut or pecan into the fig, all the way so it’s completely inside.  Place all the figs in a glass container, add in the zest only from a lemon and cover with brandy.  I like to use a smooth brandy; not overly strong.  Store in a dark area for at least one month.

When ready to serve, gently remove the figs.  To create a syrupy brandy sauce I simmer some of the brandy with a bit of sugar or agave and a tablespoon of peach or apricot jam until reduced by half.  The jam will help thicken the sauce.  Taste for preferred sweetness.  The sauce can be poured over the figs when serving.  The remaining brandy is strained and kept for baking and cooking.

43 thoughts on “Drunken Figs

      1. I love orange flavor with figs, so a Grand Marnier would be good. There is a less expensive version though as Grand Marnier is a bit costly. Look for a good orange liquor!

  1. Hooray for boozy figs! I love your ideas for serving them as an appetizer or dessert (although they’d probably become a snack in my house!) – it sounds so delicious!

  2. Wow! We don’t get fresh figs up here (in MD) often, but they’re one of my favorite foods in the whole world. Nothing tastes like a fresh fig. Next time I spot some, I’ll be digging up this post. Fantastic!

  3. OH I don’t know if I could wait a whole month to have them. It would be so tempting! Love the idea of using figs other than your usual fruit. I can imagine the heavenly goodness of these figs ontop of a big bowl of ice cream or pound cake or simply eating them straight from the jar! Incredible idea and incredible first photo

  4. Fantastic and perfect timing. We just picked a load of figs off our tree which we can´t posibly get through before we head off on our little holiday tomorrow…so guess what I´ll be doing with them?! Might have to use almonds though….

  5. This is a wonderful recipe, thanks for sharing. I am always looking for unique appetizers and desserts to serve when we have guests over. This is so unique I love how you add a walnut or pecan inside the fig! Even better soaking in brandy for at least a month! Brilliant! I’m going to try this out for Thanksgiving too, that’s if I don’t eat them all by then! lol

  6. This is such a great idea Linda. I love the thought of preparing special recipes for the holidays – especially when they don’t involve a ton of work ! This strikes me as an excellent result with relative ease of preparaiton. I have to try these succulent jewels of joy 🙂 Thanks Linda.

  7. I’m thrilled when I find figs in the market in New Hampshire…in Maine it is almost impossible. Now you are tempting me with a whole jar full of incredible figs, stuffed and soaking in brandy. Oh poor me, oh lucky you.

  8. I’m dying to try this. I assume the figs are completely covered with the Grand Manier. Can I just put a lid on it or does it have to be sealed in some way. Also, do the jars have to be in the refrigerator? If I put them in a closet, won’t the whole thing go bad in a month or two?
    Hope I can do this with my greenish yellow figs. Fingers crossed!

    1. Hi Mary, sorry for the delayed response….You do not need to do any special sealing of the jar as the alcohol will preserve the fruit – and no it will not go bad sitting in the alcohol. It will be strong…very boozy! Paring it with cheese and crackers is good so that you can have a something to compliment the flavor and pare down on the alcohol!!

  9. I have loads of figs at present. Do you think these would last as far as Christmas for giving as presents? Or would they go off by then?


    1. Hi Jenny,
      The longer the figs soak, the stronger they become! The alcohol would keep them safe to eat; however, I truly think they might be a bit powerfully booze strong sitting for that long.

      Lately, for me, I’ve only kept them a week in the alcohol; but I’m a lightweight!

  10. Hi Spicegirlfla and readers.Ive chanced across your site looking for purchased Drunken Figs in a jar, by http://www.marmellata.co.nz. Ingredients: figs, orange juice & zest, red wine vinegar, sugar whiskey, cloves & cinnamon sticks. Absolutely yum over top of just warmed crepes rolled & stuffed with marscapone.

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