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I’ve been absent from my posting for a week having taken a mini vacation back home to Ohio.   It’s been 11 years since I’ve seen fall leaves and felt crisp air.  Swaying palm trees, blue skies and ocean views compete in my affection for fall leaves of beautiful russet, gold, and deep red coloring the landscapes and covering the ground.   And my love for pumpkin, well they were everywhere!  The markets were filled with pumpkins for sale; huge pumpkins, mini pumpkins; homes were decorated with pumpkins on door steps and lawns.

It wasn’t just to see fall leaves but to see my family and dear friends.  I’ve missed a lot of years and it was bittersweet in seeing them all.  I returned with a longing for family around me and quite the funk in getting back into my groove.  Thankfully, Cecelia at The Kitchens Garden  wrote a post that sparked my interest.  She shared photos of where she writes and encouraged others to share their writing/creative areas.

My little Villa, as they call it, has a wonderful view of a lake in my backyard and a feel of openness which is not common in most of Florida’s zero lot line homes.   Inside, my living quarters are small, just enough for peaceful, happy living.  I don’t have a formal desk and actually prefer to be right where all the action is….in my kitchen!  So I sit at my kitchen table, laptop open, espresso in the am, a glass of wine in the evening.  The view of the lake is to my left and my kitchen right behind me allowing me to keep on baking and writing all at the same time!!

Where I Read

When the cooler months approach I will move to my screened in patio, but for now this is my chair.  Big enough to sit two people, my Chihuahuas can easily sit on either side of me or on my lap as the fight to get there first takes place before everyone settles in.  Behind the chair are my cookbooks.  Not all as I have another narrow bookcase next to the couch, more in the kitchen and some in the bedroom.  I have my books arranged by theme, or maybe it’s mood, as Italian / Latin books have their own space in the kitchen, veggie/healthy cooking above the frig, more healthy recipes next to the couch and celebrity chefs/destination cookbooks are behind that big chair.  I love to read cookbooks that not only have recipes, but history and stories about their country.  Whenever I travel my souvenir will be a cookbook from that area.

My bedroom holds my “romantic” cookbooks; okay I can’t be the only one with those.  Like Fork Me, Spoon MeIntercourses, and A Taste for Love among others.  A corner bookcase holds spa cookbooks and actually reading novels and inspiration books.  I do actually read books other than cookbooks!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these photos, Linda. I really am curious about where people cook/write. 🙂 I’m so glad you had a nice time in Ohio. I haven’t visited home in probably 5-6 years, so I need to get back as well! It’s just so hard to find time with work. What part of Ohio did you visit?

    1. I was from the Cleveland area in the surrounding suburbs. I know, I too am curious and like to see where people are from, where they cook/write as we comment and reply back and forth to so many virtual “friends”!

  2. I love how you have separated your cook books into different spaces, healthy in the kitchen, loving in the bedroom.. You have so many. And collecting them as you travel is a brilliant idea..We also have a small house and as I don’t like house work small is awesome for me. that was a great post and thank you for joining in! c

    1. Thanks for getting me going again! I do have way too many cookbooks and I joke with my daughter that I have no idea what she is going to do with all of these! I write in them commenting on the ones I make, tho never as its written, so I jot down my notes and ideas!! It will be hard to sell these used books full of notes!!

  3. A coffee in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening… This is exactly the way I spend time in front of my computer! I have just fallen in love with your armchair. I have never seen a huge one like this (I would already have it if I did!). Thank you for sharing a bit of your private life.

  4. Welcome home, Linda! I hope you had a great time & memorable visit back home. And thanks for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of where the magic happens. A view of a lake? Perfect!

  5. Your writing area seems very warm andcozy, homey and welcoming. It is very much like I pictured your home to be. I’m glad you moved to Florida, Spicegirlfla…I very much enjoy our friendship, working with you and, of course, being one of your “official taste testers”.

  6. I don’t even know what romantic cookbooks are, but now I’m going to find out. Watch out Greg! This place is really you. It’s classy, cozy and cute all at once. I love the tile floors too.

  7. You know I’m right there with you on the feeling of “home” tugging at your heartstrings. It is bittersweet in every way. I love that you shared your writing spaces. They looks so cozy! I love all the books everywhere and you have a fabulous bistro table! 🙂

  8. I DID smuggle home apples!! I carried them in a Victoria Secret pink shopping bag with the pink tissue paper sticking out and no one said a word all thru Security! I’m trying to figure out the perfect way to use them – isn’t that silly cuz their just apples, but to me their special apples from home!

  9. I wish I had a writing space like that. Mine is cluttered with my kids’ homework, backpacks, and is not cute or appealing. Maybe you have just inspired me to personalize my little nook in the office. 🙂 Glad you had such a nice trip Linda and so happy you are back as well.

  10. Such a fun post Linda! I feel like I just got a glimpse inside your creative life. The view of the lake would be everything to me… so calming, inspiring and alluring at the same time. Everything looks well loved and cozy. Loving those romantic cookbooks!! I must be more explorative in this area 🙂

  11. What a lovely and comfortable home you have! I love it and can’t believe how many cookbooks you have! Wow, I thought I was impressive with my 10 or so, not a chance! I love your Halloween decorations, too!

  12. I loved your post!!! I too love to see where mostly everything happens. Your home is absolutely adorable. One day I will get my pics back up to share too. It was so great to see you and chat for the time we had. I just wish you could have met my hubby. Maybe next time, yes? Hey tell me more about some of your cookbooks, as a newly married lady…hmmm, I would love to get more romantic cooking ideas to put out there… Hope to talk to you soon. Love ya!!!

  13. So cool to see where you do your creative writing at- mine is just at the kitchen counter. I love my bar stools and i feel like I am still apart of everything even if I am knee deep in writing a post or something. Your place looks so awesome! Hope you have a great weekend

  14. I loved C’s post of where she writes and thrilled that you took on the challenge. It’s lovely to see where you write! I am barely keeping up with myself but do have it written down to do soon too! Glad to see you back after your minication.
    Have a super weekend.
    🙂 Mandy

  15. Hey Linda Love you”re blog! Great idea to post your place of creativity! Truly enjoyed our visit together last weekend. Miss you too much already but glad you got to capture fall once again as you remember it! Love always, your Sister, Gloria

  16. Nice – I don’t think I could blog 100% of the time without my desktop computer. Doing everything with only my laptop would drive me up the wall I think but it’s very useful for using when sitting in bed (like I am now actually, haha!) or travelling.

    I love how cosy your pictures look! Thanks for sharing them 🙂

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