Irish Breakfast Shot

It seems like everyone is a bit Irish come St. Patrick’s Day! I will definitely be making my corned beef dinner, complete with potatoes, corn, cabbage and Irish soda bread. And everything will be a bit more “green”.

When my kids were little, I’d start their day with green milk, green pancakes and dress them in green!  I’d scatter gold coins around the house and share funny little Leprechaun stories about hidden pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.  No longer having little kids around, I can now enjoy more “adult” green fun!  And what better way to start the day than a shot of Irish Breakfast!

Thanks of course, to Ken for sharing this experience!  I’m so not the shot type of gal, really, and whiskey is hardly my choice of alcohol so you must believe me when I tasted this and absolutely loved it!!  The mix of flavors in these shots creates the taste of PANCAKES in your mouth!!   So true and so amazing, everyone who tried it said the same thing!  Okay, maybe you’re thinking there’s a subliminal process going on here, like if I told you it tasted like pizza would you then taste pizza?? 

I hardly doubt that but I think it’s up to you to try to decide for yourself!  So here’s how it’s done…

For one serving – fill 1 shot glass with 1/2 shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey and 1/2 shot of Butterscotch Schnapps.  Fill the 2nd shot glass with 1 shot of orange juice.  Take the Whiskey/Butterscotch shot first, followed by the orange juice shot.  Within minutes, the aftertaste will make you feel like you just had pancakes and syrup!!!

Now I realize after a few shots you may want a bit of food.  Keeping with the green Irish theme, here’s a great, easy recipe for green eggs! 

Shred 1 to 2 zucchini, squeezing to release any moisture and water.  Saute the zucchini until soft.  Mix in 4 eggs, feta cheese, salt and pepper and gently scramble the eggs until set.  Serve as is or drizzle with a bit of cilantro oil!



42 thoughts on “Irish Breakfast Shot

    1. go for it David…I think you’ll love it!! You really don’t need to have it first thing in the morning!!

  1. A shot that tastes like pancakes? And that I can have for breakfast?? Okay, NOW I’m excited for St. Patty’s day 🙂 Plus I love that butterscotch schnapps, used it all winter in hot cocoa (or just hot almond milk), yummm.

  2. Now that’s something I can use our bottle of whiskey for (outside of cooking). We’re not big whiskey fans, but who doesn’t like pancakes. 🙂 I love what you used to do with the kids for St. Patty’s Day! That is so festive and fun. Perhaps I’ll borrow your idea this weekend. I have no doubt the kids would be thrilled about it.

    1. I never liked whiskey before but this shot really does taste good! I think Mr. N and Ms. A would get a kick out of green food!!

    1. Ooh…I suppose your right for those whiskey lovers out there, but for me not really being able to enjoy whiskey on its own, this blend really tasted good!!

  3. I’ll try anything once. I just have to figure out what to do with a bottle of butterscotch snapps if I don’t like this :-). Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day. Blessings…Mary

    1. I think I may have some other tips and recipes for butterscotch schapps…I’ll have to give it some thought!! Have a happy St. Patty’s day!!

  4. Haha – green milk… not sure I’d be able drink that – I’d find the colour rather off-putting! I can imagine your kids loved it though 😀 Was St. Patrick’s day today? I had no idea – shows how much attention I pay to things 😀 Love the idea of this shot – pancakes in shot form – awesome 😀

    1. My kids always thought it was fun in a weird way to drink green milk! And adults seem to like green beer on St. Patrick’s Day too! Which is not my thing either since I don’t like beer. St. Patrick’s Day is March 17; just getting into the mood a bit early!

  5. What a great meal for St Patrick’s Day. Your kids were blessed to have a mum to go to so much trouble for them! We were out last night at a black tie function where we had to arrive with a touch of green. I wore a green necklace! xx

  6. Haha, this lightweight would have to skip the shots (apparently, I didn’t inherit that Irish gene 😉 but love the green eggs Linda and how fun reading about your adventures with the kids during their younger years… what a great mom you are!

  7. Sold! I’m taking shots tomorrow – living on the dangerous side with two kids, but I might need it. 🙂 I can’t wait to experience the pancake-ness. 🙂

    1. It’s my friends who really know how to party – I just go along with them!! I’ve switched to self-hosting and have been having little issues to adjust to. I do hope it doesn’t cause any problems for those trying to leave a comment.

  8. Love the green egg recipe for St. Patrick’s Day or any day…a very cool idea and tasty, too, I’ll bet. Never tried Butterscotch schnapps, but is sounds interesting!

  9. Of all the times for WordPress to drop my subscription to your blog, it had to be for a post sharing a shot recipe! The Fates can be so cruel! This is a combo I cannot wait to try, Linda. And so glad I’ve learned it now and not during my days as a bartender. It would not have been pretty. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you found me again!! I guess due to switching to self hosting I’ve been dropped from several and I had no idea that would happen. As for the shots, they go down so easily and smoothly, I definitely could take several!! Oops…I think I did 🙂

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