Chili Hash

If you all thought I was the Biscotti Queen, well you are also looking at the Leftover Queen!  I love leftovers!  A frig filled with post party foods is like an artist’s palette of inspiration for me.  I love to pull together different ingredients and create new dishes, i.e., new life!

Now we’re not talking about food that was left out, picked over or has seen better days.  I’m talking about the large quanities of fabulous food that I’ve prepared just so I can play with my leftovers.  After my enticing, open the windows, Chili alla Putanesca recipe, I had plenty of leftovers as unfortunatlely, no suitors arrived at my door that day.

Chili does tastes even better the next day, but after that I need a bit of excitement, ahh….change.  One of the easiest ways to use leftovers is incorporatng it into a hash.  And after seeing Michael Symon top his hamburger in Michael Symon’s Live to Cook: Recipes and Techniques to Rock Your Kitchen with a fried egg, well almost anything these days with a fried egg on top just sends me over the top with drippy happiness!

Because this chili is full of red pepper, onions, cannolli beans, garlic and spice, the only additional ingredient I needed or wanted to add was zuchinni and a bit of chopped green onion.  I made this on a ratio of 2 to 1 for one serving…. 2 generous cups of diced zuchinni to 1 cup of chilli.

Any time I’m cooking with leftovers, the recipe is pretty vague.  Depending upon the amount of servings and what you have on hand this hash can be prepared to your personal preferences.  The recipe below is using the 2 to 1 ratio for one generous serving.

Chili Hash

2 cups + zuchinni, diced small

1 green onion, chopped

Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper

1 teaspoon dried oregano

1 cup leftover chili

1 large egg

Freshly grated parmesan cheese for topping

Heat a large skillet over medium high heat with a touch of olive oil.  Add in diced zuchinni, season with salt, pepper and dried oregano and allow to saute and brown slightly before stirring.  Add in the onion and cook for 2-3 minutes or until softened. Add the chili to the skillet stirring to incorporate into the zuchinni and heat through.  Remove the hash to a warm plate.  Add additinal olive oil to the skillet if necessary and quickly fry the egg.  Top onto the hash and serve immediately.  Serves 1.


40 thoughts on “Chili Hash

  1. COunt me in on your team of leftover lovers! My first husband would not TOUCH leftovers (and would not trash them either, long story, don’t ask 😉

    your chilli hash is looking mighty tasty!

    1. My ex would not eat leftovers either, that’s how my creativity with leftovers began. If I created a “new” dish he’d eat it! I’m guessing you’re the only one who eats the leftovers since hubby won’t and won’t throw them out either!

  2. I am sitting here thinking that I definitely would get a “fail” around here for my failure to use left-overs! I usually let them languish until their demise! Perhaps if you keep posting these wonderful ideas.. perhaps make a cookbook for us.. I would be much better at this sort of recipe! This is not a left-over it’s a “makeover”!! Excellent idea!! xx

    1. Ah, I like that reference to a “makeover” not a leftover! I’ll definitely be stealing that from you on my next go around! I’ve always followed the rule, first in first out, so I’m always checking what I have to use next in my meals. Sometimes my little dogs get a treat too…I know, so bad!

  3. I’m a big fan of hash, any kind of hash. I just had some at a holiday brunch with friends on Monday. And those eggs better be served on top of the hash and not on the side. The nerve! I just don’t have your knack for turning left-overs into anything else, other than veggies into soup and everything else into some form of pasta. that’s the full extent of my creativity. Your use, here, of your chili puttanesca is a perfect example. You added veggies and made a great looking — and I bet delicious — chili. I would have used the chili to dress some linguine and called it dinner. I’m glad that I’m not cooking for anyone or I would have heard, “Enough with the pasta already!” years ago. So, I’ll just watch in envy of your prowess and be the first to holler, “All hail to the Queen!” I’ll leave it to the others to decide whether I’m yelling about biscotti or leftovers. 🙂

    1. Oh, I don’t know, I could never tire of pasta dishes! but you know, I’m trying to keep the girlish figure going, I’d probably turn to spaghetti squash in lieu of the pasta. I love using spaghetti squash but of course, pasta is my heart and soul and I’ll never give it up!!

  4. This is my kind of hash! Love that you veg-ed it up Linda. I think it’s safe to say that you are the queen of both biscotti and leftovers. I absolutely use this as inspiration!

    1. Just one of those quick weeknight dinners that we all need once in awhile. I don’t know if I’ll really go around bragging about the queen of leftover title…doesn’t sound too glamorous, does it? 🙂

  5. Your planning and organization is beyond measure Linda! I just love the way you think. I can only strive to be so well thought out…but I’m trying. I’ve already applied several of your planning and prep tricks to my meal planning. 🙂 fabulous way to use the leftovers too. Makes it fun all over again. 🙂

    1. You’re there Kristy, as best as you can be with little ones after your time and attention all day! I know you’re not a chilli fan, but I think I disguised it enough that you wouldn’t mind eating this!

  6. I was literally raised on leftovers, so I have no fear of using them up! This chili hash looks perfect for the chillier mornings coming up, and anything with an egg on top makes me smile.

  7. Haha, playing with your leftovers – too much fun! I love leftovers too; sometimes planned, mostly not. I’d like to start by getting my house in order then I’ll head back into the details of the kitchen… there’s something entirely therapeutic about organization, isn’t there… love that you topped this chilli delight with egg!

  8. Hi there leftover Queen ! I just love left overs too, I like the way you have to think about what to do with a bit of this and bit of that! And the chilli hash sounds fab

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