My Morning Ride

morning view It seems that many people view my living in South Florida as all beach, sand and palm trees.  Sipping frozen daiquiris and mojitos!  Okay, well I do love all that and Ft. Lauderdale is just minutes east of me and Miami is just a drive south.  And that is how I like it, a drive away when I want that type of getaway and fun, but where I live is more like me.

I love nature, calmness and peace.  A friend who recently walked into my new townhome, stated, ‘this is so Linda!”  Wide open views of the lake in my backyard; no windows in this home, just huge sliding window doors in every room!   So this morning as I took my bike ride, thankful for this time that I’m currently unemployed and able to do so, I thought I’d stop and take a few pics to share with you!

my pathThis is my starting path, that winds along the canal behind my comunity.  Note…no palms trees here!  There are ducks swimming and sunning themselves along the way.  Sometimes they are right in the way and so comfortable with people that they barely attempt to waddle away.  It’s very quiet along this path, rarely do I ever see another biker or person walking along.

my horses

Very early on, I’ll hear the roosters crowing.  The horses have been let out of their barns for my viewing pleasure.

my cows

And the cows are grazing outdoors.  I think this one is wondering why I’ve stopped and is coming to check me out!  There are also camels at one of the farms, baby lambs and lots of little piggies!  The camels were too far away for my iPhone to capture so I’ll have to share those at another time.

Trick and TreatBack home, little Bella and Biagio are ready for Halloween and wishing you all a safe, fun and Happy Halloween!





26 thoughts on “My Morning Ride

  1. Oh, MY!!!! Bella and Biagio just melted my heart into a puddle of cuteness-induced joy!

    too too cute, love their outfits! (I am going as a Star Trek officer tonight!)

    Beautiful photos, I miss the summer already…. (sigh)

  2. I loved seeing those pictures Linda! I’m happy you are back in Florida (although you’ve left me SOLO for this Thanksgiving in Atlanta!!) and doing so well.

    1. Oh, I know Sara, I’m going to so miss our Thanksgiving! I will most honestly admit, the holidays in Atlanta were the best because I got to share Michael and Craig’s family!!!

  3. Beautiful area and bike path, Linda!

    I only “know” you via your blog but it seems you “write” happier from South Florida – I was happy to see you back there and best wishes for the right job at the right time. Meanwhile, good to hear that you can enjoy the unemployment!

    1. Thank you Liz. And you are so right, some of my friends thought my Atlanta posts had read between the lines gloom in it!! And I have to agree, I threw in bits of jabs at the weather, my drive, missing Florida…on and on! But so glad to be back!!

  4. You’re right I do think of Florida as se and sand and delicious drinks 🙂 I love to see where blogging pals live, and thank you for taking me out on your bike this morning !

  5. What a beautiful place you live in, Linda! Plus that great path to ride a bike, I envy you that. As you know, Atlanta isn’t a very bike friendly town, though we do have a few good paths they are remote. Your pups look adorable and I’m glad your return to Florida seems happy!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear you’re currently unemployed and I certainly hope the right job appears on your doorstep very soon. Your two trick or treaters are very cute. I love how scenic the area is where you live. It looks very peaceful xx

  7. Lucky lady! I would love to live in such a beautiful area! Getting to see horses up so close must really be a wonderful feeling. I grew up in a farm town and miss the area so much. I look forward to moving away from this city suburb and getting back to nature.
    Your dogs are adorable! I bet they love where you live, too!

  8. What a beautiful post Linda — you’re so right, your images and descriptions reveal a different perspective on the Florida we typically think of or imagine. I especially like how you describe yourself as seeking nature, calmness and peace. I think I would love your surrounding too ;-). I left a winding canal back home and find myself missing it… so peaceful. Beautiful pictures.

  9. Wow, Linda! This is soo nice. I’m glad you’ve found a place that you’ll happily call home for some time. Now we have to find you a good Italian market within peddling distance. 🙂

  10. what a fantastic walk honey, through lovely farms no less, (I am eyeing up those fences, they look very nice and tidy) you would think a trail like that would be heaving with people.. thankfully for you it is not busy .. I love to walk in solitude with nothing but dogs! I am so glad we are back in touch, i did miss you.. c

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