Raspberry Valentine’s Kiss

Raspberry Kiss

I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing lately.  Mostly, it’s a good thing.  Those cherished memories, secretly stored in my heart, bringing a warm smile and good feelings.   I love to keep those memories close to me.

I remember when I use to blog…frequently….and visit my favorite bloggers.  I remember my little villa on the lake, my fresh start as a single mom….and I remember the challenges and joys of raising kids on my own.  I remember when I had a job, I remember when I freely spent.  I remember the choices I’ve made and still wonder why (?)  I remember memories I learned from, but  don’t really want to keep too close.

Memories of Valentine’s Day have always stayed in my heart.  I’m just a hopeful romantic.

This drink was posted way back in 2011.  Happy times for sure.  I remember exactly where this picture was taken, on my villa patio.  I’m so grateful to have this blog to browse through my life!  It was in August, following a cruise I had just returned from.  I’ve made it dozens of times since and think it’s the prettiest drink for a romantic ending.  And well, here’s the rest of the story…reblogged from 2011….

Every evening on our trip we were presented with pretty layered after dinner cocktails.  I excitedly inquired about each drink’s layered flavors and playful names. I love after dinner liqueurs that either replace a dessert or compliment a small treat, such as served with a chocolate covered strawberry, chocolate espresso beans or a small biscotti.  What I also love about these “dessert” drinks is that when I plan a last-minute dinner party and don’t have time to prepare a dessert, having a well stocked bar and a few tried and true favorite recipes, I can easily impress my guests with a fancy fun ending.

The layering of liqueurs does take just a bit of practice and patience to slowly pour clean layers.  The trick is to pour the “heaviest” liquor first, continuing to finish with the lightest.  Basically, alcohol weighs less than water, therefore those higher in alcohol are lighter and float on top.  A specific gravity chart I follow is at this link, http://supercocktails.com/bartending/Layering-Cocktails—Specific-Gravity-Chart

Another important step is in how the liqueur is poured.  The first heaviest liqueur should be gently poured directly into the glass to not “splash” up the sides of the glass.  The next layer should be poured gently over the back of a spoon that is placed in the glass just above the first layer.  This way the liqueur slowly tops the thicker bottom layer.  When there is a larger difference of alcohol (gravity) count between the layers, the more definite the layers will appear.  Finally, carefully move the glasses so that the layers don’t mix around.   Narrow glasses are best to use.

Raspberry Kiss

per kiss…. 1 shot Chambord Raspberry Liqueur, 1/2 to 1 shot Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur, depending on the glass size or layering effect desired

Following the guidelines above, gently pour  the Chambord on the bottom of the glass topping with the Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur.  Sip, indulge and enjoy.  Good times happen every day, every moment.

11 thoughts on “Raspberry Valentine’s Kiss

  1. Memories are a powerful thing Linda. I know exactly what you mean and very much appreciated your words. Your drink looks perfectly decadent! Happy Valentine’s Day to you!!! 🙂

  2. It’s a beautiful looking cocktail and very appropriate for Valentine’s Day, even if you don’t have a Valentine! Those are beautiful memories that I’m sure are very painful to recall. I do hope your life turns around for the better xx

  3. Hold on to your memories that are dear to your heart. Learn from those that did not work well. I will have to hold on to this memory of this cocktail and the layering effect. Who knew we had to know science to get to make this drink. Thanks for including the specific gravity chart. Take Care

  4. I was thinking of you when I was in Florida. We had our family of 13 for dinner at Runway 84 and as we were leaving, I saw a sign for Meatball & Martinis. I remembered that you had mentioned that to me. Your post was lovely, I hope life will be filed happy memories in the future. 🙂

  5. This drink looks sublime. Thanks for sharing it again with us to remind me to make it! 🙂 I hope things certainly turn around for you SOON so that your current times are the happiest ever. Hang in there Linda. Big hug from So. Cal and a big sloppy kiss from my Golden Retriever because nothing makes me smile like a big, goofy, slurpy kiss.

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