New York Cheesecake

New York Cherry… classic New York Cheesecake with a cherry topping

New York Caramelized Apple… caramelized apples top the classic New York Cheesecake

Crème Brule…classic dessert in a cheesecake style, creamy & light


Oreo… chunks of cookies blended in a cream cheese filling baked in a chocolate cookie crust & topped with whipped cream & cookies

Godiva Chocolate Espresso Toffee Liquor…decadent, rich tasting for a very special dessert

Chocolate Toffee Cream…a creamy blend of coffee & toffee cream liquor in a chocolate graham crust

Austrian Chocolate…creamy chocolate filling in a chocolate & chopped walnut crust & topped with raspberry preserves & chocolate

Bavarian Chocolate…light, bittersweet German chocolate flavor

Traditional Chocolate…like an old fashioned chocolate milkshake

Chocolate Raspberry…thick chocolate topping over a creamy marbled chocolate cheesecake & topped with raspberries

White Chocolate Raspberry…creamy swirls of raspberry puree, white chocolate and Godiva White Chocolate liquor in a vanilla crust topped with raspberry sauce, white chocolate shavings and fresh raspberries

White Chocolate Coconut Macadamia…creamy filling of white chocolate, coconut & rum in a chocolate or vanilla macadamia nut crust

Chocolate Swirl…swirls of chocolate in a creamy cheese filling

Chocolate Mint Grasshopper…more perfect than an after dinner mint


Coffee…smooth creamy cake with coffee liquor & a light whipped topping

Cappuccino…a blend of dark rich coffee & coffee liquor in a creamy cheesecake simply topped with chocolate dipped almonds Or…

Cappuccino Fudge… ultra indulgent with a layer of fudge

Irish Coffee… delicate pastry crust with a creamy filling flavored with Irish Mint & Coffee liquor

English Mocha… cream cheese & ricotta cheese filling flavored with cocoa & coffee in a vanilla wafer crust topped with whipped cream & finely chopped hazelnuts


Triple Berry… a seasonal mix of fresh berries tops this creamy cheesecake baked in a graham cracker crust

Triple Cherry…cherry & brandy jam glazed cheesecake with a mix of dried & Bing cherries in an almond & graham cracker crust

Continental Strawberry…fresh berries in a creamy cheesecake batter topped with a layer of strawberry preserves & toasted almonds

Old Fashioned Strawberry…like strawberry shortcake – fresh strawberries in the filling & topping and baked in a light pastry shell

Strawberry Amaretto…graham cracker crust with a creamy filling flavored with lemon, brandy, vanilla & strawberries & topped with Amaretto marinated strawberries

Strawberry Basil Cheesecake…graham cracker crust with bits of basil, creamy, light fresh strawberry filling and topped with a strawberry basil sauce

Blueberry…delicate & creamy with lots of blueberries diffused throughout & topped with blueberry compote

Cape Code Blueberry…light & very creamy, brandy flavored filling & a topping of mildly tart fresh blueberries

New England Blueberry…a layer of blueberries on the bottom and fresh blueberries on top of a light & creamy cheese filling

Raspberry Almond…creamy lightly flavored almond filling in a mixed nut & graham cracker crust topped with a raspberry glaze

Cherry Pecan…a vanilla wafer crust with a light smooth filling blended with chopped pecans & glaceed cherries & topped with more pecans & cherries on a sour cream base

Black Cherry… imagine a cherry-vanilla sundae…black cherries floating in a rich creamy filling with a sour cream topping and chopped nuts

New Orleans Cherry…French Quarter dining with a light & creamy blend of dark sweet cherries & Grand Marnier, topped with whipped cream & chopped walnuts

Country Style Apple…apple pie in a cheesecake style baked in a pastry crust filled with cream cheese & apples & topped with apple cinnamon compote

Autumn Apple… fresh thinly sliced apples & crunchy pecans top this creamy cheesecake baked in a graham, pecan cinnamon crust


Mascarpone & Passion Fruit Carmel…ultra rich mascarpone blended with cream cheese makes an extraordinarily creamy cake topped with sliced tropical fruits & caramel sauce, baked in a roasted cashew crust

Mango Kiwi Pineapple … a luscious tropical treat baked in a ginger macadamia nut crust

Pineapple…light & creamy with a crushed pineapple topping

Citrus …lemon, orange & lime flavored in a creamy filling topped with an orange marmalade glaze Or …

Sunshine… adding white chocolate & a ginger orange filling topped with an orange marmalade glaze

Lemon…with a shortbread cookie, lemon gingersnap or almond crust

Fuzzy Navel…orange juice, peach schnapps and a orange marmalade glaze

Lemon & Rum with Strawberry Compote…dark rum & coconut cream blended filling topped with fresh strawberry mint compote

Chocolate Orange w/Orange Tangerine Glaze… fresh orange juice & a touch of Grand Marnier baked in a chocolate crust

Jamaican Banana… a touch of the islands, banana, rum and creme de cocao

Mai Tai….like the classic drink, a filling of rum and orange flavored liquor in a toasted coconut crust and orange glaze

Margarita …triple sec & tequila flavor this popular drink in a cheesecake style

Daiquiri…light rum flavors this drink inspired cheesecake with a strawberry sauce topping

Spanish Rum…a soft creamy filling favored with dark rum & a topping of rum flavored sour cream & orange baked in a graham cracker pistachio crust

Mango… pureed fresh mangos mix in a creamy cream cheese filling & baked in a graham coconut crust

Crème Fraiche with Honey Rum Roasted Pineapple…a light creamy filling topped with fresh pineapple roasted in rum syrup

Guava…sweet & tart guava blend in a creamy filling with a guava glaze

Strawberry Coconut… coconut cream & coconut rum flavor this creamy filling baked in a graham coconut crust & topped with fresh strawberries

Key Lime…the classic pie in cheesecake style topped with mango ribbons

Pina Colada…crushed pineapple and grated coconut filling with light cream and cream of coconut in a cookie crust and fresh pineapple topping

Mojito…refreshing mint, rum and lime

Rum Raisin….golden raisins, Amaretto and light rum filling in a vanilla and raisin crust


Cranberry Glazed White Chocolate…New York cheesecake holiday style with cranberry topping, white chocolate in the filling & baked in a shortbread & mixed nut crust

Cranberry Swirl with Cranberry-Raspberry Compote…cranberry puree swirled through a creamy white cheesecake & served with a cranberry raspberry compote

Pumpkin…gingersnap crust, light & creamy filling blended with pumpkin puree and topped with whipped cream & chopped pecans…

Spiced Pumpkin…more intensely flavored in a pecan graham crust…

Pumpkin Swirl…pumpkin puree swirled through a creamy cheese filling

Bourbon Pumpkin…pumpkin puree in a ginger snap crust with a touch of bourbon

Caramel Pumpkin Swirl…pumpkin puree & caramel swirled through a creamy cheese filling in a gingersnap & toasted pecan crust with a sour cream & chopped pecans topping

Pumpkin Pecan & Bourbon…pecan praline tops this creamy blend of pumpkin, cream cheese & bourbon in a gingersnap cinnamon crust

Sweet Potato…smooth & velvety cream cheese & sweet potato filling baked in a graham cracker crust with a sour cream or whipped cream topping

Eggnog…rum flavors this traditional holiday eggnog drink in a cheesecake style

Italian…ricotta cheese lightly flavored with rum, lemon & orange, topped with a light sprinkling of powdered sugar

Italian Easter… a blend of ricotta cheese & orange flavoring in a pastry crust

Boston Cream…the classic pie transformed into a cheesecake, yellow cake crust & creamy filling with a thick chocolate topping

Red, White & Blue…chocolate wafer crust, creamy citrus filling and topped with raspberries & blueberries


Cherry Pecan…a vanilla wafer crust with a light smooth filling blended with chopped pecans & glaceed cherries & topped with more pecans & cherries on a sour cream base

Maple Pecan or Maple Walnut…crunchy vanilla wafer & chopped nut crust with a maple flavored creamy filling & a maple sour cream topped with chopped nuts

French Style Maple Almond…a light & smooth cream cheese filling flavored with maple, chopped almonds, raisins & bourbon & topped with whipped cream & finely chopped walnuts

Almond Amaretto…moist & creamy filling flavored with Amaretto, orange & vanilla and topped with a sprinkling of powdered sugar

Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cheesecake…creamy caramel, crunchy pecans layer in a smooth chocolate filling

Peanut Butter Lovers Cheesecake…all about peanut butter, in a chocolate and peanut butter crust with white chocolate and peanut butter topping

Candy Inspired 

Almond Joy… almonds, coconut & chocolate

Mounds…layers of coconut, mocha & a filling flavored with coconut rum & coffee

Butterfinger…crushed candy in a creamy filling with a topping of chocolate & crushed candy


Cheesecakes made to order using the freshest ingredients and seasonal fruits, therefore, not all cheesecakes are available year round.  Liquor is added to flavor and intensify the uniqueness of each cake, never artificial flavorings. 

 Pie Crazy…from chocolate to fruit to nuts to veggies – pies & tarts made to order… homemade crust and fresh ingredients

 Looking for an appetizer? …Try a savory sun-dried tomato cheesecake or roasted veggie tart with Gorgonzola cheese & carmelized onions!


Gluten Free:  Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sauce and White Chocolate Whipped Cream


Spice Girl~a little sweet, a little savory, a little spicy

20 thoughts on “Cheesecakes

  1. For any cheesecake lover out there, if you are ever in Montreal, you have to try the cheesecake there. I am not talking about just any, but the cake you get at any self-respecting smoked meat restaurant. The cake is drier and more like cake than other curd-based patries I’ve had and the topping is strawberry. It’s sublime!

  2. Hi. Do you have a recipe for Baileys Irish cream and Toffee ? My grandson’s birthday is coming up and he has had this before (made by his OTHER grandmother) and loved it. I cannot find a reipe anywhere. Thanx muchly.

  3. how can I get the recipe for the New York carmilized apple cheesecake or autumn apple cheesecakes mentioned above. Would love to try to make one…never made a cheesecke before though…just saying. Thanks, Pat

    1. Hi Pat, I’ve made all these cheesecakes in the past and have been posting the recipes as I make them again. I’m glad you mentioned the NY Caramlized Apple Cheesecake as that will be a perfect fall cheesecake. I’m going to put in on my list to make very soon. Never made a cheesecake? I try to provide details on every recipe but if you ever have any questions, just let me know!

  4. Have you ever tried anything with Cranberries, Orange & Walnut?
    I’ve been dreaming and dreaming on this one for many falls, with hopes
    that I can pull it off … I was thinking walnuts in the crust, then cranberries
    and orange~pulp/juice/oil? inside with zest on top for flair …?!?!?!
    Any suggestions?

    1. wow….that sounds wonderful!! I’m going to start dreaming of that one and test out a recipe! I think you are right about putting the nuts in the crust and the orange and cranberry mix is perfect together! When I make new cheesecakes, I go off of ones I’ve done already, so if you want to look at my White Chocolate Cranberry Cheesecake,
      you can get an idea there. But I will test one out and post it soon!!

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