A little sweet, a little savory, a little spicy

Arrivederci Positano!

imageMy heart is breaking…I’m waiting for my driver to take me to Rome,  desperately trying to capture every sensual pleasure I see around me.  The aromas that fill my villa from freshly baked bread from a not so far away bakery, the distant soft clatter of activity of the awakening city and these breathtaking views I want to never forget. Continue reading “Arrivederci Positano!”

In the Cucina

imageHow I spent my vacation in Italy…in the kitchen!  I’m the woman who gets excited over receiving a kitchen appliance for Christmas. Wrap a big bow on a Viking range and I will kiss you all over.   Remodel my kitchen to look like this…with everything included, and I will love you forever. Continue reading “In the Cucina”

Pretending to Not Be a Tourist in Italy


Whenever I dreamed..fantasized…about going to Italy, I must embarrassingly admit it was not about seeing incredible architecture, ruins or days of non-stop touring to pack in as much as possible.  No, my dream was to live among the locals, spend my day as they would and fit in as much as possible…which is pretty unreal being that I don’t speak Italian am I’m not earning an income to “live” here, I’m just a vacationing, relaxing gal pretending to not stand out too much. Continue reading “Pretending to Not Be a Tourist in Italy”

Pizza Making


My first cooking class, pizza making with Chef Raffaele.  I was joined by only one other woman, Brenda, from South Africa. She also is traveling alone and I believe we have the same classes for the rest of the week. Thankfully, she doesn’t like to dine on her own either, so we will be meeting up this evening for dinner. Continue reading “Pizza Making”

Santa Maria Assunta



My itinerary listed today as my day off.   Initially when I read that, my busy, to-do list, non-stop personality, went into panic.  Back home a day off meant from work, but chores and to-dos of my normal routine filled my “day off”.  So what was I going to do, by myself, on a day off in Italy? Continue reading “Santa Maria Assunta”

Almond Biscotti (gluten free and date sweetened)


By request, gluten-free biscotti!  Several emails came in asking about using g-free flour for my biscotti recipes.  Over the years I swapped out the white flour for a mix of wheat/white blend and reduced the sugar, but truly had not considered trying to make them gluten free.  Just as I would never replace my pasta; I’d rather give it up than try to “enjoy” a pasta made out of anything but semolina flour,  I felt the same way about my biscotti, until…now. Continue reading “Almond Biscotti (gluten free and date sweetened)”

A Toast to Health, Happiness and Prosperity


As many of you know, this blog started as a way to share my recipes with my daughter as she headed off for college.  Six years later, my daughter has graduated and working as an event coordinator; more specifically, wedding planning.  She immerses herself in every detail of planning, discovering unique ideas and concepts to make dreams become reality.  She is following her passion and I so love that for her. Continue reading “A Toast to Health, Happiness and Prosperity”

Key Lime Pancakes gluten free

Key Lime pancakes

Sunday morning. So quiet. So peaceful.

I remember my mom preparing a huge breakfast every Sunday before church. Never was the same served.  Sometimes pancakes or waffles, other times scrambled eggs, sunny side up eggs, poached eggs, lightly buttered toast cut diagonally, which tasted better than cut rectangle, peeled and segmented fresh grapefruit and the smell of percolating coffee waking us up.

It was all so normal to me until one Sunday morning when my childhood best friend slept over. It was about 7am when she woke hearing a clicking sound from the kitchen. “Is that your mother walking around in her heels this early?” Well…of course…she’s making breakfast.
Doesn’t everyone’s mother get up early, hair perfectly teased, dressed and in her heels to make breakfast? Continue reading “Key Lime Pancakes gluten free”