First Day, Positano, Italy

imageSo here I am, Positano, Italy. Pinch me, as I can hardly believe it. And what about this view from my terrace I will wake up to each morning. With breakfast, served to me, right here!

Right now, I’m still in a fog. Up way too early (4am) Friday to fly to NY, depart NY at 6pm and arrive into Rome at 8:30 am, technically 2:30 am to me. Barely did I sleep in the plane as I realized sitting between passengers, trying to sleep sitting up and having a baby one row ahead didn’t make for a good night’s sleep.

But once we landed in Rome, my lack of sleep was replaced by eager enthusiasm to start my adventure.  Luca, my driver, was right at his spot directly following my itinerary.  He was quick and quiet, took control over my suitcase making me quicken my steps to keep up. We had a long 3 hour drive to Positano.  As much as I wanted to sleep, viewing all the sites out of the window won over.


I had arrived earlier than check-in time and was greeted by two beautiful sisters from the family that owned this B&B. they hurried the finishing up of the room and escorted me to this amazing suite.

I had no grand expectations of my room, something small, one bedroom, tiny bath and sea view.  Imagine my exhausted surprise!  The views all around Positano are breathtaking and actually staying in this beautiful suite for a week almost makes me want to just stay right here…in my room!


This evening’s schedule included a tasting dinner at a nearby restaurant on the beach. I almost did not go as I had gotten horribly lost trying to find my way back from a walk to explore the area.  It wasn’t really that bad as I discovered many interesting shops, restaurants and little markets. At this market I picked up some fresh fruit and bottled water. I can feel myself just wanting to spend my days nibbling on all this gorgeous food.


My very first treat was the pistachio gelato. More of that to come, I’m sure.


This evening I met with my host Lauren from Cooking Vacations and some of the other ladies taking the tour.   We had dinner near the beach, a pre-selected menu to sample some of Positano’s specialties.


It felt good to group together with others, sharing stories of getting lost and finding great food places,  tasting delicious courses of food, plenty of laughing and finishing it all off with Limoncello!



I love being in the kitchen. Early mornings, soft music, a hot espresso. Easing into the preparation of delicious meals. Glancing through cookbooks, gathering inspiration and planning my day. I look forward to the cycles of the seasons, the pleasures of tasting and savoring and sharing this with those dear to me. Weekends are special to me as my week days are often rushed, but still I create the ambiance, light the candles, set the table and uncork the wine.


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