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Everyone has a story.  A personal journey that leads us on a winding path of self-discovery, drawing upon our innermost desires and passions.  Food has always been one of my passions and several years back, I created this blog to share my family recipes, some new, some old.  Having started this blog essentially for my daughter when she first left for college, many seasons of our lives have filled these posts.  And for us, food naturally mingles together in our most cherished memories.

Just as I was raised on healthy home cooked Italian meals, fresh vegetables and herbs from my father’s garden, I continued my Sicilian heritage with my children, family and friends.  I was always aware of selecting organic, seasonally fresh vegetables and fruit, organic dairy and lean protein.  Mainly, because they just tasted so much better!  However, as I became more aware of what was actually in my food, I began searching out only grass-fed, non-GMO, no antibiotics, no hormones, no steroids….to the point of waking up one morning, Mother’s Day, 2015, declaring to myself; why even bother eating animal products…I’ll just eat plants, fruit and grains!

And so, it began.  My blog pretty much stalled in place as my recipes changed.  I searched out plant alternatives and became plant based certified through the Forks Over Knives Cooking Course from Rouxbe.  A whole new excitement built up in me as I now had a new arena of beautiful, colorful ingredients to prepare my meals.  Needless to say, those close to me, as in, those who enjoyed my cooking and baking, were not as thrilled.  Worries over never having my cheesecakes again, meatballs, pizza and holiday Italian dinners bombarded me daily!

I have been plant based now for several years.  It didn’t take much time before my son followed and then my daughter.  No one seems to complain much about missing my former meals.  We have plant based holidays, rich, decadent desserts, and a fridge full of gorgeous ingredients.  I can honestly say, from that first day I declared my new style of eating, I have not, intentionally, had any meat or dairy cross my lips.  I add that intentionally disclaimer, as I questioned my early restaurant visits in whether or not some dairy slipped into my food!

How do I feel?  AMAZING   Would I every go back?  N O   W A Y

I could never put animal protein back into my body.  I could never imagine taking advantage of animals for my eating pleasure; which truthfully doesn’t even sound pleasurable to me now.

I truly believe eating plant based is healthy, flavorful, and extremely satisfying.  Cravings caused by sugar and chemicals are gone.  Eating to Live replaced Living to Eat.  My passion for food is enhanced by my passion for health through an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits.

So, it is with this belief and many months contemplating the fate of this blog, I decided rather than delete my small blog of memories, I will attempt to recreate, one by one, each post – “veganizing” the recipes if possible, hopefully with improved photos and new memories.  I wish to not offend anyone coming to my “vegan” site and seeing omnivore recipes; they are merely there as part of my journey.  And possibly…. yours as well!

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