Grand Marnier French Toast with Honey Orange Syrup

Weekends are  my luxury time.  Waking up without an alarm and having coffee in bed totally pleases me.  Being able to join me in bed is pure bliss for my chihauhaus as they sleep in a cage and only allowed in to cuddle with me on these lazy weekend mornings.  They have quite different personalities and both try to compete for my attention.  Bella is sweet but stands her ground firmly when Biagio trys to steal her bone or invade her space.  Biagio is my protector, listens for every sound and growls at strangers as if he is triple his size. 

While I sip on my coffee watching and laughing at my pups, I’m dreaming up my breakfast.  Not the normal week day quick breakfast but something special and more indulgent.  I’ve earned these quiet weekend mornings after years of having woken to the high pitched voices of little ones, full of energy and breakfast demands. ( Actually, I find myself smiling fondly as I write this and remember those precious years that really do go by so quickly!) 

Keeping with the citrus theme of the month and having my last Pannetone to use up, I decided on making french toast.  Any good quality bread will do but Pannetone is my favorite through the holidays.   With its fruit and light sweet taste I thought it was fitting to pare with citrus flavors.  For a simply syrup, orange blossom honey, oranges and their juice thickened up beautifully to top the french toast.

Thanks to Aimee at Clever Muffin for letting me know about this contest, I have entered my recipe into The Breakfast of the World Challenge at VeryGoodRecipes and Drina from EaternalZest!

Grand Marnier French Toast with Honey Orange Syrup

For two servings:

4 slices thick day old bread (Pannetone if you have it)

2 eggs

2 tablespoons heavy cream

Grated zest from one organic orange

Juice from that same orange

1 tablespoon Grand Marnier or other orange liquor

1/4 teaspoon grated nutmeg

In a medium size baking dish, beat the eggs, cream, zest, juice, liquor and nutmeg until combined well.  Soak the bread slices at least 5 minutes, turning once.  Melt butter on a large skillet or griddle.  Saute the bread on both sides until golden brown.  Serve with maple syrup or honey orange syrup.

Honey Orange Syrup

1/2 cup orange juice

1 – 2 teaspoons orange blossom honey

1 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch

Orange segments – I used one clementine orange

Heat orange juice, honey and cornstarch over medium heat stirring constantly until thickened.  Add orange segments and simmer for a few minutes or until heated through and ready to serve. 

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54 thoughts on “Grand Marnier French Toast with Honey Orange Syrup

  1. I often make French toast with orange juice and zest in it — but mine doesn’t have Grand Marnier or cream! Yours looks pretty with the orange segments and powdered sugar. By the way I made the caramelized oranges. Mine just would not brown — it took nearly three hours to get some caramelization, so I probably didn’t use enough sugar or honey in my drizzle. I did like them with yogurt and granola, but a little goes a long way.

    1. I’m so glad you tried the caramelized oranges Sharyn! I too had used less sugar so I did broil them in the end to help with the crispy caramelization as I noted in the recipe. Without the broiling tho, they do soften and sweeten up nicely; I do hope you enjoyed them!

  2. I messed up. Every year, right after the holidays, I go out, buy up the pannetone, and freeze it all. Then, for the rest of Winter, I enjoy pannetone french toast whenever I want. I waited too long this year and now I have none! Not a bit. Just so you know, Lynda, if I did have some, I’d be following your recipe. It sounds delicious! And even though I won’t have any pannetone, I’ll still try the sauce, but with some less festive bread. (sigh)

    1. Had I known John, I would have shipped you some!! I did have several extras and didn’t think to freeze them so I passed them out to a few friends!! Hope you do try the sauce…my daughter and I were licking it up!!

  3. I am in the car tomorrow and rushing as fast as i can to Aldi’s, they have heaps of boxes of Pannetone and no-one knows what they are out here. Oh I hope they are not all gone as i want this french toast SO BAD! c

    1. Aime…thanks so much for letting me know about this! I signed up and entered, not sure if it’s too late as I had just posted this. Good luck to you and your muesli – homemade is the best!!

    1. Girl…you need to find it and have a taste!! It’s out during the holidays, an Italian bread with dried fruit – not overwhelming with dried fruit, lightly sweet and simply delicious!! Eaten plain or as I did above…even bread pudding!!

  4. This will be made by us soon! Love this recipe Linda. We’re all about the French toast these days – especially orange French toast. Yum! (And as much as I struggle getting up to the high pitch voices of “it’s morning time!”…you’re right, it does got by so fast.)

    1. You know I’d give anything to have little ones waking me up any day!! I’m not rushing my daughter AT ALL, but someday I do hope to have some little grandkids!! (wow, that makes me feel old!)

  5. Linda, you’ve out done yourself with this breakfast! Pannetone bread with the dried oranges in it would be so perfect. Adding Grand Marnier is perfect for final touches. Can I comevoer for breakfast next weekend! lol. Have a great weekend!

  6. What a stunning recipe Linda. It reminds me of Crêpe Suzette – the French dessert with Grand Marnier and orange sauce, which I happen to adore. Weekends are the best… there’s nothing like turning off the alarm and knowing that you have hang time to do as you please… love the image of your sweet chihauhaus cuddling in the morning light.

  7. This looks awesome, I tell you and I am sure it’s just as enjoyable as your chihuahuas 😀
    I enjoyed reading about their cute antics, and I agree, chihuahuas sometimes forget about their sizes when they growl at strangers, LOL!:P

  8. Wow Linda, this is the way to go on the weekend…French toast with Grand Marnier and honey syrup…sounds perfect. I can picture the chihuahuas 🙂
    Have a great week ahead!

  9. HOLY HECK! This looks Fantastic! Honestly, Linda, this is the best breakfast I have ever seen. I love that you made the French toast with left over Pannetone! How fabulous and with Grand Marnier? You are an evil, wonderful woman!

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