Key Lime Pancakes gluten free

Key Lime pancakes

Sunday morning. So quiet. So peaceful.

I remember my mom preparing a huge breakfast every Sunday before church. Never was the same served.  Sometimes pancakes or waffles, other times scrambled eggs, sunny side up eggs, poached eggs, lightly buttered toast cut diagonally, which tasted better than cut rectangle, peeled and segmented fresh grapefruit and the smell of percolating coffee waking us up.

It was all so normal to me until one Sunday morning when my childhood best friend slept over. It was about 7am when she woke hearing a clicking sound from the kitchen. “Is that your mother walking around in her heels this early?” Well…of course…she’s making breakfast.
Doesn’t everyone’s mother get up early, hair perfectly teased, dressed and in her heels to make breakfast? Continue reading “Key Lime Pancakes gluten free”

French Gingerbread, Pain d’epices

French Gingerbread2

Baking, sharing, holiday love from my kitchen.  It’s a year round love of giving but more so at the holidays.  Extra batches of cookies are baked, double the pies and my single loaf pan is set aside to fill smaller pans for sharing.

This is going to be truly a simple Christmas season for me this year.   Out of work for 3 months now, gifting to others will be homemade, handmade gifts from the heart, warmth from friendships and family.   This year will be more on moderation and celebrating the reason for the season, the birth of baby Jesus. Continue reading “French Gingerbread, Pain d’epices”

Overnight Cranberry Oats and Swanson 30-Day Healthier Holiday Giveaway!


I am so thrilled to have been contacted by Swanson Health Products to be included in their 30-Day Healthier Holiday Giveaway!  AND I am so thrilled for one of YOU lucky reader-friends to enter for a chance to win $100 to Swanson !

If you’ve followed me for a while, you may recall that I entered their recipe contest in 2011 and won for my Medjool Date and Walnut Bread !   Since that time I continue to love the quality of their products, the savings on so many of my favorite brands and the ease of ordering online and prompt shipping. Continue reading “Overnight Cranberry Oats and Swanson 30-Day Healthier Holiday Giveaway!”

Pumpkin Granola

pumpkin granola_cup6

On the positive side of all my recent relocations, I’ve definitely downsized, including my pantry.  Over the last year and a half, my pantry stores the basics for healthy Mediterranean style cooking and baking.  I prepare meals mostly from scratch so having good quality basic ingredients on hand; I can easily pull together a simple and delicious meal. Continue reading “Pumpkin Granola”

Pumpernickel Bagels

I have a secret love for pumpernickel bagels.   It’s really not so secret if you’re within my close circle of friends.  The thing with pumpernickel bagels is that most bagel shops or breakfast diners either do not carry enough and sell out quickly or simply do not offer pumpernickel!  There are always plenty of plain (boring), everything (love it but then again, it’s a plain bagel with sprinkles), poppy seed (don’t smile when eating), garlic (not my favorite morning flavor), chocolate chip (maybe for dessert), blueberry (um, no), onion (same as garlic, not for breakfast), whole grain (healthy, but did they use enriched wheat flour?) Continue reading “Pumpernickel Bagels”

Quinoa Pumpkin Granola

I have to be honest here, this started with a desire to make pumpkin quinoa pudding, you know, like a rice pudding swapping the rice for quinoa.  Not so uncommon in my life, I start with an idea I’m excited about, plan it out and along the way another concept pops up.  Actually, let’s cross off “another” and replace with “several“!

It then becomes what to make first as I stop to jot down the flurry of ideas and images racing through my mind.  This time it had to do with my noticing the oatmeal jar..right next to the quinoa jar.. right next to the near empty granola jar!  Priorities rule, refill the granola jar! Continue reading “Quinoa Pumpkin Granola”

Baked Eggs with Ham, Brie and Chives

Ah, the luxury of a weekend breakfast….No rushing out the door grabbing a yogurt or granola bar and gulping coffee on the run!

Seriously, that is not my weekday morning routine but I know it’s one that so many others do because of crazy, tight schedules.  I’m a morning person so I wake with eagerness to starting a fresh new day, purposely waking early enough to get in my yoga, shower, dress and have no less than 20 minutes remaining to sit down to breakfast, my favorite book to read and leisurely sip my espresso.  True this only happens because my breakfast tray is prepared the night before and baked eggs are not on my weekday menu! Continue reading “Baked Eggs with Ham, Brie and Chives”

Chili Hash

If you all thought I was the Biscotti Queen, well you are also looking at the Leftover Queen!  I love leftovers!  A frig filled with post party foods is like an artist’s palette of inspiration for me.  I love to pull together different ingredients and create new dishes, i.e., new life!

Now we’re not talking about food that was left out, picked over or has seen better days.  I’m talking about the large quanities of fabulous food that I’ve prepared just so I can play with my leftovers.  After my enticing, open the windows, Chili alla Putanesca recipe, I had plenty of leftovers as unfortunatlely, no suitors arrived at my door that day. Continue reading “Chili Hash”