In the Cucina

imageHow I spent my vacation in Italy…in the kitchen!  I’m the woman who gets excited over receiving a kitchen appliance for Christmas. Wrap a big bow on a Viking range and I will kiss you all over.   Remodel my kitchen to look like this…with everything included, and I will love you forever.

imageToday I had double the cooking classes. Beginning at 10 am for Traditional Cooking Class 3 followed by Dessert Making Class 4. My second class of desserts was just Chef Raffaele and me.  Lauren from Cooking Vacations came by to give an informal discussion on Italian Renaissance women who shaped Italy’s food, fashion, art and literati scene.  This I loved as I have always been fascinated by the history of food.

For this post I will just leave you a teaser of the foods we made and ate as I had a very full day…


As we arrived, Chef served us Chocolate Almond Flour Cake with coffee, just in case we were a bit hungry before we got started.  Aprons on, hands washed, ready to cook….


Arancini Di Riso (rice balls)


Ravioli Capresi


Spigola All ‘Acqua Pazza (Sea Bass in Crazy Water)


Crostata Di Frutti (Apple Tart layered with jam, custard, lady fingers and apples)


Semifriddo Al Croccantino (Caramelized Hazelnut Ice Cream Cake)


Wine Biscuits


Layered Limoncello Sponge Cake and Custard


As if this wasn’t enough, after my dessert class, Chef Raffaele prepared me a dish of freshly made pasta with pesto for dinner.

I’m happily exhausted and deliciously satisfied.

Ciao  xxox

15 thoughts on “In the Cucina

      1. Oh , I will have to get that book! They were really good. I’ve not had any since my mom made them when I was younger. That whole staying away from carbs. Not at all on this trip though!

        I think we’d all love to get in there and “play” in this kitchen. It was small and modern, the appliances in there were to die for…quick chill fridge, under counter refrigerators…it is a restaurant that opens for dinner only…certainly not grandma’s Italian kitchen!

  1. What a fantastic kitchen. That cooking course must have been fantastic. I can’t believe before you started you were given cake! As if there wasn’t enough food. The pesto pasta, arancini and ravioli all look like my favourites but there isn’t anything here I wouldn’t adore xx

    1. These classes are very good. He is strict about making sure we do it correctly. He will toss out anything that wasn’t prepared right and then lecture on not wasting food so you need to do it right! I’ve learned quite a bit, especially during my one on one class. I agree, I loved every dish made!

  2. oh my god. what fun! I did get a Viking range for Christmas years ago. Sadly I had to leave it behind when we moved… Cooking vacations sounds really interesting.

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